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The Goddard School

The Goddard School

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Client The Goddard School

Location Philadelphia, PA

Scope 11,500 SF

The Goddard School is a nationally renowned educational institution that prides itself on being a nurturing learning environment that focuses on fun above all else.

At the school’s Spring Garden location for early childhood development, we were hired to completely renovate its 2-level interior to create a more dynamic and cheerful environment where both the kids had space to have fun and the faculty had space to better care for them.

As The Goddard School has firm national standards for their facilities, our designers were committed to working especially close with them to ensure that each aspect of the project complied with their square footage requirements and other specifications. The team had a lot of fun developing creative solutions to the various challenges of renovating both an existing building and early education facility while implementing recreational fixtures such as a rock climbing wall and a playground. The entrance on Spring Garden Street was also updated to create more security into the building and a family friendly welcome.

Kids are enjoying indoor rock-climbing