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CosciaMoos Office
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CosciaMoos Office

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Client CosciaMoos Architecture

Location Philadelphia, PA

Scope 9,392 SF

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, CosciaMoos’s new office at 123 South Broad Street is a designer’s dream come true.

Elegantly incorporating the needs of a modern office into an opulent historic space, this unique open office space contrasts with the dramatic 27’ high ceilings and classical details to convey a sense of grandeur.

CosciaMoos’ Office is the winner of AIA Philadelphia’s 2022 Merit Award for Interior Architecture in the Built Category.

The overall design focused on preserving elements of the existing architecture, including the windows, herringbone walnut floors, chandeliers, and extensive millwork detailing, while still creating a functional space that can meet the professional, technological, and cultural needs of a growing company.

The reception desk was custom designed by the principals and its walnut and steel details seamlessly fit into the material design scheme. We also wanted to feature terracotta brick in the design – the material found throughout the building’s core. It is used as a structural feature behind the desk and shows off our spray-painted logo.

CMA reception desk where a woman is sitting behind a laptop, gazing out the window.

To enhance how CosciaMoos works, a full FF&E package included custom desks and conference room furniture with adjustable heights. Workstations come with privacy panels and built-in library lights to give additional task lighting and help balance the scale of the high ceilings. Break-out areas are featured throughout to aid in collaboration.

The existing windows were left intact but updated with custom designed valances to conceal the custom Lutron electric shading system. Twelve of the original lighting fixtures were also left in place but updated with new Lutron LED boards. The system was designed to be wireless so as to not disturb the elaborate ceilings and is controlled via Wi-Fi. This gives the user the ability to dim and adjust the color temperature as needed throughout the day. As the windows face south, having this level of adjustability in the lighting and shading control was important for the tenant.

People are sitting at desks, talking to each other at the office area.

Conference Rooms

Care was taken to preserve the existing conference rooms as they contained full walnut details and custom crown molding. Lighting fixtures, flooring, and furniture were used to modernize each space. Furniture was selected to contain technology that didn’t disturb the existing millwork while providing full functionality to each room.

A woman is sitting at a sofa, looking at some catalogues

il Salon

People are having a meeting in the conference room.

"Skunk Factory"

Conference room with a big desk and a lot of chairs. A man is placing some photos on the wall

il Grande

A meeting area with a round table and chairs around it.

il Poco

The Mezzanine

 A 1,500-square-foot mezzanine was added to give additional space for the office program. The steel structure is pressure fit, designed to have the least disturbance to the existing architecture and marble-clad columns. A private office and conference area were created as well as a full kitchen.

From the mezzanine, one has a great view of a mural by local artist Tim McFarlane. Located above the marble pediment, this one-of-a-kind mural imbues the space with a dynamic energy and sense of movement.

CosciaMoos office interior front view with an office area where people are hanging around and stairs leading to the upper floor