CosciaMoos co-founder and Principal David Moos participated in a panel on The Future of the Office District, hosted by the Central Philadelphia Development Corporation on December 13, 2022. At this event, panelists discussed the future of Philadelphia’s downtown office district as demand for office space evolves. Panelists tackled the topics of the benefits of new amenities and activities not only for workers, but for residents and visitors, and how can brokers, property owners and public space managers can work together to rethink Center City’s value proposition.

The Philadelphia Business Journal covered this event, and quoted David in its story, “As Center City Restores Vibrancy, Philadelphia Companies Juggle Future of Office Space.”

“Either way, Lyons and David Moos, principal of architecture firm CosciaMoos, agreed it’s better for workers to be in an office.

Moos said he’s more likely to promote people who work from the office more often because they’re physically in front of him more and he’d have a stronger connection with those employees.”

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