Penn State Brandywine Commons & Athletic Center

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Client The Pennsylvania State University
Location Media, PA
Scope 15,000 SF

After opening its first Residence Hall and Student Union in 2017, Penn State Brandywine wanted to continue its shift from a commuter-oriented to a residential campus by giving one of its older buildings an upgrade.

Originally opened in 1988, The Commons & Athletic Center has served as Brandywine’s hub for athletics and student services for over 30 years. But when many of those services relocated to the new Student Union in 2017, The Commons & Athletic Center became ripe for redevelopment.

Our design for this 15,000-square-foot renovation included an athletics office space, new top-of-the-line student fitness center and athletic training facilities. The first floor of the new structure contains a commuter lounge, nurse’s station, athletic trainer office, and police services. And the second floor is comprised of a brand new set of social science research labs, observation rooms and faculty offices.

The renovations are part of a campus-wide Brandywine initiative to provide a high-quality academic and athletic environment, while also paving the way for a four-year degree in the Penn State University system.