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Hopscotch Health

Hopscotch Health

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Client Hopscotch Health

Location Various

Scope 10,000 SF +/-

CosciaMoos has worked to develop a prototype model for Hopscotch Health, a new-to-market healthcare provider servicing rural communities with comfortable, yet modern clinics.

We studied numerous test-fits to discover the most efficient layouts considering programmatic elements and client impact. Developing this prototype meant working with the project team to create standards and programmatic rules that could be applied to Hopscotch Health locations across the country and adjusted as needed. The full design guide we created and documented allows the construction process to be streamlined as well as reinforce brand elements through finish, detailing, and materials.

Hopscotch Health waiting room with chairs and tables

We explored numerous potential site footprints and layouts, reviewed square footage requirements for each piece of program, and created a design concept and package of finishes. One of the chief design concepts was color blocking to define the function and separation of space.

Hopscotch Health entrance with a person passing by
Hopscotch Health exam room with medical equipment
Hopscotch Health reception with two people working