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The Obelisk at Presidential City Apartments

The Obelisk at Presidential City Apartments

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Client Post Brothers Apartments

Location Philadelphia, PA

Presidential City is a 1,000-unit apartment complex located on a prominent intersection at the edge of Philadelphia and consists of four high-rise buildings constructed in the 1950’s.

The property was acquired in 2012 and underwent a complete rehabilitation and restoration. The new owners asked CosciaMoos Architecture to design an “Obelisk” – part sculpture, part sign – to be located in a highly visible spot overlooking a major traffic intersection.

The obelisk structure is over 60 feet tall; the central form is clad in white metal with a contrasting black metal cover which appears to be detached and pivoting away from the main structure. The interplay between the two forms creates tension and visual interest.

Obelisk-signage front view in the evening