The Darien


APOM Holdings LLC


Philadelphia, PA


193,000 SF

From sky bridges to glass balconies to literally splitting a building in-half, The Darien is a new mixed-use development complex unlike any in Philadelphia.

Comprised of two mid-rise buildings along Poplar and North 8th Streets, the pair of plush properties features 212 residential units, 6,000 square feet of retail space, a 12,000-square-foot roof deck, and ground-floor parking. 

Retail entrance of The Darien

Both buildings consist of brick, porcelain, granite, metal panels, copper screening, glass balconies and large, angular windows. The longest of the two structures is split into two separate buildings connected by a series of sky bridges at the northern and southern portions that overlook the courtyard. The outer area is composed of glass curtain walls with dark mullions, wrapped in a solid beige exterior and punched windows. 

Eastern view of The Darien
Southern view of The Darien

The overall goal of the design was to take these two unique buildings and construct a connection between them, while also visually drawing people to The Darien’s contemporary aesthetic.