225-227 & 245 N 12th Street

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Client RM Development Partners
Location Philadelphia, PA
Scope 16,820 SF; 6,200 SF

Located in the heart of Chinatown, Philadelphia, this pair of buildings both infill vacant lots on 12th Street and seek to provide fresh and inviting residential spaces to the area.

225-227 N 12th Street

245 N 12th Street

Building 225-7 has 19 units over 6 floors, with 5 floors of wood construction over a 1-story steel podium. Down the street, Building 245 has 4 multi-story units and a residential basement space spread over 6 floors.

Both buildings were designed with the intent to be “sister spaces” that share many similar forms and detailing. However, this proved to be a challenge due to their vastly different sizes and footprints. The team enjoyed finding creative solutions to these differences through the design phase and into construction.

Overall, natural light and outdoor spaces—both private and public—were priorities for the design team and client. The result is clean and well-thought out and includes beautiful moments in the courtyards, balconies, and generous windows. CosciaMoos will also be designing a mural that will be a feature for tenants in the courtyard.