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The offices of facilities management and capital planning for the Temple University Health Science Campus will move from its current remote site on Germantown Avenue to a site closer to the campus. This new site is an existing warehouse building currently used by Temple for fleet repair on the ground floor and storage on the second floor. Working with a limited budget, the upper floors will be re-purposed for new office spaces. A new entrance lobby, stair and elevator will be provided for access to this new second story space.

The exterior facade will retain its typical industrial heritage, with minimal improvements beyond the new entrance. The interior of the second floor has numerous assets such as exposed steel trusses, and arched concrete roof deck. Ample sunlight streams through the plentiful high bay windows, providing a dramatic backdrop for the new office fit-out.

The new open office layout will be a radical departure from the traditional closed offices of the current location, and are intended to promote open dialogue and communication between departments and managers. Quiet rooms and conference rooms are provided throughout the plan to offer privacy for phone calls, meetings or conversations.

Project Name

Temple University Health Sciences Campus Capital Planning and Facilities Management Offices


Temple University


Philadelphia, PA


11,000 SF