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The Waksman Institute of Microbiology is an interdisciplinary research institute supporting study in developmental biology, cell biology, biochemistry, structural biology, genetics and genomics.  The institute is spread across a complex of three buildings dating from the early 50’s onwards, with multiple material palettes, scales and building styles. The building addition is intended as a “punctuation mark” to this visual clutter, while also providing state of the art laboratory and support spaces within. The addition creates three discrete open lab rooms, well suited for dedication to a single Principal Investigator on each floor. These labs are connected by interior hallways back to the full support spaces of the overall Waksman complex.

Clad in zinc panels and brick, the building facade palette suggests a relationship with the original brick and slate Waksman building constructed in the early 1950’s.

Project Name

Rutgers University Waksman Institute of Microbiology


Rutgers University


Piscataway, NJ


11,000 SF