Interior Design

CosciaMoos Office

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, CosciaMoos’s new office at 123 South Broad Street is a designer’s dream come true. Elegantly incorporating the needs of a

Sage Health

An Innovative Approach to Senior Healthcare Across the country there is a great disparity in the quality of care available for senior citizens, often within a

Nemours Rockland I REACH Center

Across from Nemours Children’s Health’s main hospital, the researchers of the REACH center develop innovative care models for overcoming socioeconomic factors that restrict access to

Mazzoni Center

Founded in 1979, The Mazzoni Center is the only healthcare provider in the Philadelphia region specifically targeting the needs of LGBTQ+ individuals offering healthcare and

Caring People Alliance

Caring People Alliance (CPA), a non-profit organization based in Center City, Philadelphia, was looking to renovate their new 6,210 SF shell space located on the

Life Sciences Complex

The complex is part of a larger neighborhood of life science buildings in the area, and will support both research and amenity spaces. CosciaMoos has teamed

Taco Heart

Taco Heart is a new taco shop that brings Austin-style breakfast tacos to the heart of South Philly. The restaurant is run by Nano Wheedan who

Hopscotch Health

CosciaMoos has worked to develop a prototype model for Hopscotch Health, a new-to-market healthcare provider servicing rural communities with comfortable, yet modern clinics. We studied numerous

Fern Hill Medical Campus

Located in West Chester, PA, Fern Hill Medical Campus operates in proximity of the Chester County Medical Campus, within the University of Pennsylvania Health System CosciaMoos’

1600 West Girard Avenue

Built on the site of a vacant hospital parking lot, 1600 West Girard Avenue fills a hole in the neighborhood and adds to the growing